Red Alert! In theBalm of Your Hand

photo by Kohls
photo taken from Kohl’s

I’m super pumped when I saw one of the beauty youtuber was talking about this new theBalm Greatest Hits Palette (Holiday 2015) and I can’t hold myself any longer that I have to share the latests new I heard.

This palette is available online for $39.50 at Kohl’s or theBalm website. Kohls website has this promo that states “Gift with Purchase : Get the item below for FREE when you purchase products totaling $25.00!” Want to now about theBalm products, go and check them out.

Let’s get back to the palette. You can see outside all the familiar packaging designs that are on. Inside are actual products that are iconic in their shades. I think that’s super brilliant that theBalm is capitalising on some of the iconic shades in their line. In my opinion, I think it’s fun to travel around and if you buying theBalm for the first time. You got basically all the products you need in your hand.

Have you heard of this Holiday 2015 – Greatest Hits Palette? If yes, let me know if you have seen it elsewhere in your area?

Don’t forget also to check out their theBalm Balmsai Eyeshadow & Brows Palette at Kohl’s for US residents.

photo taken from ohls
photo taken from Kohl’s

This palette is for $39.50 online website. Use their get “Gift for free” promo when you shop online.

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Sharon xoxo

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Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated or sponsored partner with any of these companies. I love theBalm products and I’m just sharing new products which I love to spread it with everybody ❤


14 comments on “Red Alert! In theBalm of Your Hand”

  1. I adore theBalm and this is so, so cute! I have every palette of theirs – I even stole the limited edition theBalm and the Beautiful from my sister – so all the shades in here would be covered 😦

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    1. Awe.. that’s so nice to hear my dear. theBalm is making their move to put their staple shades in the same palette just like the manizer sisters etc.. Yes, you’ve pretty much covered all the shades. Bravo! 🙂


    1. Precisely! I’ve already got mostly all shades covered but still thinking of getting one. It’s good for travelling. Instead of bringing 5-8 palettes you just bring one will do, lol! Too cool! 🙂 xo


  2. Oh man! A greatest hits palette would be exactly what I want so I can try all of the products all at once! WANT IT SO BAD. Why do they have to release this now? I hope they have it in January…


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