Question Tuesday! If you could create any eyeshadow color …


Happy Tuesday Beauties! Welcome back to this week’s Question Tuesday.


Q: If you could create any eyeshadow color for this fall, what would it be and what do you want to call it ?

by source
by source

A:  A reddish purple color which is creamy, soft and mattifying added with some black ombre shadows . A gorgeous shades which can be worn this fall for day and evening wear. perfect for eye colors. I’ll call my eyeshadow “Blood Moon Eclipse”. I saw the most amazing and astonishing eclipse Sunday night. So, the name of this shadow is born 🙂

Let me know what eyeshadow shade you’ll come out with on the comment section below.

Thanks for taking the time to read and participate ❤

Sharon xoxo


13 comments on “Question Tuesday! If you could create any eyeshadow color …”

  1. Oooh your shade sounds very unique! Great name too. I didn’t catch the eclipse in person but saw it on tv.
    Hmm if I created an eye shadow it would of course have to be taupe. I’d do a deep taupe duochrome with a lavender / green shift! I’d name it… “It’s complicated”. 😛

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    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Cool name. I like it very much the shade and the name of your eyeshadow. I was inspired by watching the eclipse and thought it would be appropriate for an eyeshadow. I’ll have pictures of the eclipse up tomorrow.

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  2. If I could create one shadow for the Fall I would sneak into Kathleen Lights house, steal her Miami Heat Ofra lipstick, smash it into a pan, perform some type of change this liquid lipstick into matte eyeshadow magic and call it a win. Does that sound creepy!? Hehe 🙂

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