Top Fall Eye Makeup Tutorial – Too Glam To Give A Damn




For some orange inspiration, warm up your complexion with a peach toned blush, as seen on the model in this picture (Stunning!).

Do you know that as we mentally prepared ourselves for the change of season. Believed it or not, your favorite Orange shade is still everyone’s game. Yes, everyone’s favourite summery hues are making an unexpected comeback for fall according to a fashion magazine I read recently. Surprisingly enough, orange has proven itself to be a great shade to transition between seasons with. So, don’t keep all your gorgeous Orange shades just yet.

NYX eyeshadow

I was on the moon and back when I managed to pull out a similar inspiring look with the orange and lavender shadows. This makeup look is flashy but yet it delivers an outstanding results. I love this day type of makeup look which I planned to wear more for fall! It brightens up my moods and I feel really good ❤

Let’s get started:-



vice 2 palette

For this look, I used the orange eyeshadow by NYX. This pumpkin orange was the closest I can find from my many eyeshadow palettes. I applied it on half of my eyes at the outer corner to the center of my lid and bottom lash line. I did the same with the metallic shimmer blue by Quo Palette. The second from left to right, Click the link here to see the full color swatches. For this look I’m not wearing mascara or eyeliner. With a soft color lip, this appearance is calm and refreshing. I enjoyed wearing this look on the weekends.

What do you think of this eye makeup look? Would you recreate an inspiration look for this fall? I love to hear your comment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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22 comments on “Top Fall Eye Makeup Tutorial – Too Glam To Give A Damn”

  1. I’m a big orange fan, but then with coppery red hair, orange is a natural. My fave is on the Viseart Neutral Matte Palette, and I should use it more often. I like the restrained pumpkin orange from NYX that you used. Great post!

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  2. I have this amazing orange satin shadow from Guerlain and I never ever use it… it’s very much a burnt orange that I feel would be perfect for Fall but I’m really intimidated by the pigmentation. I should try a look similar to this! I think you recreated the runway look really well. 🙂


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