Question Tuesday|What’s Your Recent Must Have Eyeshadow Palette?


by source

by source

Okay Beauties! Welcome back to an exciting week of Question Tuesday. Did I hear a yay! Oh well … let’s get straight to the question:-

Q: What’s Your Recent Must Have Eyeshadow Palette for Fall Collection?

A: I’ll go with the New Anastasia Beverly Hills collection. How about you? I’m dying to know!

Let’s connect – you can leave your comments on the comment below or join me on my social media or you can share the highlights of your day with me?

Thank you very much for stopping by and comment.

Sharon xoxo

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  1. Lauren says:

    I need! the vice 4 palette. Although the ABH palettes look really pretty too 🙂

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  2. The Glam Gala says:

    I’m completely in love with anything Kat Von D, but her Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette has stolen my heart!

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  3. ingrid says:

    Such an hard question 😉 I’ll go with the Becca Ombre Rouge eye palette … Totally a fall palette !!! I’m thinking of buying the new ABH too 😀 xxx

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  4. Seconded – Becca Ombre Rouge is definitely my most used right now. However, I did just splurge on a Chanel quad, if that counts…

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  5. Bhavika says:

    I recently bought the MUA undressed palette which was very affordable and has lovely shades. I’ve written a whole post on it on my blog so search for it in the search tool on my blog and check it out if you want to see the shades and my review 🙂
    Other than that, I really want the NAKED smoky eye palette!

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  6. Lauren says:

    My favourite right now is probably the MAC warm neutrals palette. I mean it’s nothing new but it is so great for doing a smokey eye with tones of red, copper, and brown!


  7. Kaily says:

    I just picked up The Balm Voyage 2 and am looking forward to using it this Fall. To be honest, I’m not super drawn to any of the palettes that are out right now for the Holiday though, so we shall see! Great question 🙂


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