Too Glam Inspired Eye Makeup Look|LORAC Pro Palette

from Lorac website
photo from Lorac

lorac pro palette

Lorac Pro palette

For the eyes, I always prime my eyelids with Behind The Scenes Eye Primer but you use your Holy Grail or favorite eye primer of your choice. To create this sultry eye look I used the Lorac PRO Palette. 

Lorac pro

I start by using Nude from lash line to brow bone then with Garnet on the lid and outer corner. Next in order to define the eyes I then go with Black in the outer corner and on the crease. Smoothen the rough edges and blend it well.

Lorac Pro Palette eyemakeup

For a more dramatic effect you can try the shadows wet. To line and define, use a liquid liner in Black along the top and bottom lash line. Finish with your favorite babydoll lashes or any falsies you feel comfortable on. But in my case, I’m wearing the Elf Black Lashes and curl it with a little mascara to stick my lashes to the falsies.

So, there you have it, my version of this inspired eye makeup which I believe you can create it too.

What would be your most loved inspired look you have created for fall? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Sharon xoxo

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16 comments on “Too Glam Inspired Eye Makeup Look|LORAC Pro Palette”

  1. Your eye makeup in this post is so beautiful! The way garnet looks on you is kind of how the mauve looks on me. That’s what I thought you used at first. The Lorac Pro Palette is my number one palette! I can’t wait till their big holiday palette comes out … The Mega Pro is coming!

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    1. I don’t have Unzipped. I bought it and then I never opened it because I wanted to swatch it for my blog and so much time passed I wound up returning it. That’s terrible you can’t get Mega Pro! You could look for it on eBay but I feel people really ask for unreasonable prices and then there’s the fear of it being a fake. =(

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    2. There’s also the new Unzipped Gold Palette which I didn’t get though. Unzipped is very pigmented and versatile. Ya! now with the US-CAD higher exchange rate and shipping cost = everything became so much more expensive 😦 (I think Ulta shipped to CAD but the price is just too pricey) xo

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