MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation SPF 15 |First Impression


mac foundation

Not a week goes by where I don’t use Mac Mineralize Foundation SPF 15 at least once. You see, I dutifully test and report on the other, newer, fancier foundations that come my way… but I always return to Mac. It is my love. My jam. My crack! If they ever discontinue it, my face will be in big trouble! Seriously!


Another reason to love this moisture foundation? There are 23 shades available online at Mac Cosmetics for CAD$43.00. There’s going to be a shade here for pretty much everyone.

Love the packaging … it’s very elegant in my opinion. You need to turn and press on the cap for the applicator to dispense off the foundation. Turn to hear a click to close. This is really a neat bottle!

They actually recommend you shake the (glass) bottle before use, although I’ve never experienced any separation issues.

Here they are straight out of the pump:


And blended (see how liquidy?):


I would say the coverage is sheer, but can go up to about medium, if you build it. (Actually, you could build and build and build, but it will never look heavy.) The lightness is exactly what I look for in a foundation, because it looks MUCH more natural if you do a sheer all-over layer, and then spot-conceal, wherever more coverage is needed. This shade is a perfect match for my skin tone. So yay for that!!!


It feels like you’re not wearing anything, and you can totally get away without priming or powdering—it’s not one of those foundations that absolutely needs to be set. It just makes your skin look so healthy and well cared-for.


I want my skin to look like SKIN close-up, not like I’m wearing a full-coverage makeup. The finish is ever-so-slightly dewy, but never greasy, and it doesn’t accentuate any flaky patches or other imperfections, like heavier formulas tend to. To me it just makes my skin look more even, but not like I’m wearing makeup—which is my goal. And because it’s waterproof, it lasts all day. I literally feel gorgeous after putting this on.


I was wearing the Daiso Quad Blush for this look on the foundation. I used the white highlighter and mixed the peach with pink shades on the apple of my cheek. You can see how pretty it lift my face up. I’m loving this look! Oh wow!

And that’s probably the longest foundation review I’ve ever written on this blog! Truly, it’s a Holy Grail for me, and I’m excited for you to discover it, if you haven’t already. Tell me what you think below!

Which is your holy grail liquid foundation? Describe why in the comment section below. I love to hear your comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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11 thoughts on “MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation SPF 15 |First Impression”

  1. I am a huge MAC fan! I love Studio Fix and the Mineralized Foundation. My other big favorite is HD make up for ever. But something happened this weekend!! I gave Estée Lauder Doublewear a try and I mixed it with a little Argan oil. The finish was so beautiful that my 6 year old commented!! So, I’m adding that to my list and NARS is great too.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that you love it Janine! I haven’t tried makeup forever products yet strangely 😦 Thanks for letting me know about the Estee Lauder and Nars. I’ll check on those too. I know you are gorgeous inside out 🙂 xo


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