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elf concealer

I bought this concealer from Target a long while ago when Target was still here, thinking this e.l.f. concealer would be great for covering my dark circles, it is creamy, comes in a stick packaging, and it has a peachy tone, and so I purchased it. The shade I got is in Beige. It’s available in four different shades at US Target and on e.l.f website for $3.00.

I’ve tried wearing it for a few months ago but had left it on the back burner until two days ago, I started to wear it again. And here is my review on this concealer. I expected much better from elf especially since it’s their studio line that has the best products but I’m slightly disappointed to say the least. So, let’s get into it. The texture of this concealer is creamy and it blends well without having any pulling under my eyes which is awesome. The formula is not hard and not sticky at all. It comes in a twist up concealer packaging which is very convenient and easy to use.


I do like it for it works pretty well for under my dark circles but it’s not like a holy grail for me. The price is affordable and it perform as an average concealer does. I like that this formula is lightweight and it blends out effortlessly by just patting them with my fingers. Okay now that I’ve clear up the good let’s get to the bad, whahaha!


I heard some mixed review about this concealer and it could pretty much be a hit-or-miss depending on each person. But for me, I’m sitting on the fence for it does cover a tinnie tiny bit under my dark circle but it doesn’t give a full coverage. It has low coverage but was able to pull up to medium by layering. It does cover some acne and redness around my nose area but that was it. So, if you have bad dark circles then you will not like this concealer. There are some oily feeling around my eyes while washing off the makeup.

To sum up, I’ll not repurchase this concealer again since it doesn’t give good coverage and it leaves oily residue on my skin which I’m not very fond of. This is just my opinion and it might work well for others but it’s not something I’ll go and reach for.

What do you think of the elf concealer? Leave comment on the section below if this concealer is your hit or miss?

Thank you as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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6 comments on “ELF Concealer|Review”

  1. Thanks for the review on this Elf product! I haven’t tried it because I know it won’t be a good fit after reading several reviews! I will try the setting makeup spray that I saw in Cosmo for “under $10” !!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


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