5 Sweat-Proof Know How Makeup Routine This Summer

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Summer’s arrival brings some major advantages: trips to the beach, barbeques with your friends and longer days. Tell me that you love summer!!!

Unfortunately, there are also some pretty clear downsides, for crying out loud – heat, heat, heat! When the mercury’s rising, your routine should be tweaked to match it — otherwise you’ll find yourself with melted makeup and frizzy looks. Nobody wants that and so I’ve done some research and gather here five simple but effective tips for beating the heat, even in the dead of summer!

Are you ready for it! Then let’s dive in …

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by source

1. Use CC Cream – the last thing you want is to apply a heavy foundation all over your face on a hot sweltering heat. It alls but guarantees breakouts and most likely melt off by the end of the day. Try using a lightweight cream for instance the It cosmetics CC cream which you can apply all over your face and looking flawless.

2. Use Clinical-strength Deodorant – when the heat gets up to the top of the mercury, no ordinary deodorant will do. You need to choose the one that gives you 100% odour protection especially if you’re planning of been outdoors most of the time. I read that secret clinical strength power can fight against stress heat, leaving you feeling fresh.

3. Opt for Updos – long curtain hair is a bit of a hassle in the hot summer. It drives me crazy and guarantee it drives you too, hahaha! It’s easy to cool yourself off with cute braids, buns, ponytails or an updo — equally chic and practical! Sounds cool, right!

4. Minimize Makeup – I love wearing makeup but when it gets too sweaty and uncomfortable outside, I tried to wear as minimal a makeup possible.The tip is to try focusing on one simple area of your face, like your eyes, and leaving the rest bare. Summer is all about looking breezy and natural.

5. Use Waterproof Products – you might surely attend a pool party maybe in the future and if are going in for a spontaneous dip, you don’t want to end up with mascara smeared down your cheek. Try to swap your regular with a waterproof products. I know that COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara works. So, go ahead and splash away! 😀

These are some useful tips that I hope some of you who are reading my blog find them helpful and interesting.

How do you update your look this summer? Let me know on the comment section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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