Lip Award – Almost Nude Lip Color


Hey Gorgeous! Welcome to Lip Award! Today, I’m going to be talking and sharing with you on my top 3 favourite almost nude lip color products. Many of you may know that I’m a red lippy lover, but sometimes a girl doesn’t want to attract too much attention to her lips so a good quality nude is a must 😛

nude lip colors

The lipsticks I chose for this lip award from left to right is The Body Shop, Essence and NYC (clap applause!!!).

the body shop

1. The Body Shop Lipstick in 07– I bought this from The Body Shop store in downtown a year ago and I’ve been switching on and on with different lipsticks and totally forgotten about it. So, a few days ago as I was digging my bag to find some spare change I found it buried in my bag. So, instantly I tried it on my lips and I really like it. It gives a nice coral-ish satin finish which immediately reminds me of why I picked it up in the first place. I’ve been wearing it since 🙂

essence lip liner

2. Essence Lip Liner in 11 In The Nude – I remembered getting this lip liner when I first started blogging. Essence makeup brand is so not expensive at all and I could get as many different color shades to try and share my thoughts on. So, this is my most favorite Nude lip liner that I’ve been wearing it alone or if and when I want to do a Kylie Jenner’s pouty lips. All I need is just draw and make my lips look bigger and fill in with lip color to make it look fuller.

NYC lipstick

3. NYC Satin Matte in Smooth Beige – a cool toned nude shade. This satin matte lipstick is very new to me. Believe it or not, this is my first pick of NYC lipstick actually. I got it several weeks ago but and I was so excited to try it on.

The shade looks pretty and I love a good nude matte lipstick.I notice the formula has a little sheen or satin finish and it’s not a complete matte lipstick that I was looking for 😦 The texture is smooth but it comes with a slight scents which I don’t find it too overwhelming.

color swatches

Color swatches from top to bottom: NYC, The Body Shop and Essence Lip Liner Pencil

The color swatches were all been taken in natural light. I did not use any primer on my arm for swatches, what you see is what you got!

Thank you so much for reading and stay beautiful <3.

Sharon xoxo


11 comments on “Lip Award – Almost Nude Lip Color”

    1. I’ve a post coming up on how to choose your lip color actually. The tip is to match the lip color with your lips and not your skin tone, if that make sense!. Also, try to check if you’ve warm or cool undertone!


  1. I love nude lipsticks but some shades can make me look like a corpse. I need a nude that’s mixed with a little pink or a little peach. Although such a pretty shade, I know your NYC would be too light on my lips. But the essence lip pencil looks like a winner 🙂

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