How To Use The Primary Colors To Come Up With Any Makeup Look – Pt 3


makeup for eye makeup look

As seen red eye shadow can be used as a winked eye liner to achieve the above results.

You can always pulls it off perfectly somehow, without looking over-the-top. Red is not such a fiery color to wear.

I think fair skin and dark hair might be key!

red eye makeup primary color


Forget everything you heard about red shadow and embrace these facts:

  1. Red makes the whites of your eyes whiter and brighter
  2. Skin appears more even and redness is reduced
  3. Red eye shadow is different. Your makeup is guaranteed to stand out of the crowd, duh!

red shadow eye makeup

To make red eye shadow work, I made sure to mix it with a bit of burgundy and purple in the crease and accent with silver in the inner corner. The result is very edgy, particularly when you paired with red lips.

Thank you so much for reading. See you next time!

Sharon xoxo