Drugstore Madness Wednesday|L’oreal Infaillible

Happy Wednesday everyone! I found new love guys, I did. You all heard and are familiar with these L’Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadows, so I don’t think I need a serious introduction to them.

loreal paris color infaillible

Last Sunday at my local drugstore I found in their clearance box some of the pretty shades of L’oreal Color Infaillible Eyeshadow but I just pick up this Time Resist White only. Now I regret not picking up a few more shades which I should have since it was for only $2.49 😦 I better jump into my car and drive to the store after this to grab a few more shades while it lasts.

color infailabble loreal

The texture feels creamy and velvety to touch. The pigmentation is pretty with shimmery finish. If you love shimmery or metallic shadows then look no further, you will love them.

I suggest that you don’t throw away the plastic stopper placed on top of the eyeshadow. I think it’s there to help your eyeshadow stay “fresh” and smooth. It also works as a pressing mechanism if you happen to drop and shatter an eyeshadow. Tip: You can always recover it and pressed it back into the container.

loreal color pot

Love, love the packaging. You can see the actual color so much easier.

On their website it says there are 23 products shades available as color option.

color swatxh loreal infaillible

On this look, I’m using a dry application and you can definitely wear them wet if you like for more intense metallic finish. It is smooth and felt light like feathers on the lids, and it didn’t require much blending either.

pat the shadow to make eyes pop
pat the shadow to make eyes pop

This Color Infaillible Eyeshadow did last very well on my lids, can’t say I know if they would last 24 hours but it does a good portion of the day till I washed my face.

The eyeshadows claim to be long lasting (24 hour hold) with a waterproof formula that is smudge/ rub/ blink resistant, a cross hybrid between cream and powder finish.

If your drugstore is having clearance sale on this L’oreal Color Infaillible, I recommend that you pick this up.

So, that’s my take for this week’s Drugstore Madness Wednesday and see you next week, stay frugal!

What do you think of this week’s deal? Is it a bargain or no gain? I ❤ to hear your comments.

Thank you as usual for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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17 thoughts on “Drugstore Madness Wednesday|L’oreal Infaillible”

    1. They’re very shimmery and most of all, I love the sale price hehehe! I want their darker shades which are very pigmented and gorgeous. Had to try their eyeliner too since I’m obsessed now with their infallible products 🙂 xx


  1. Thank you so much. Yay! I love it too. Those sounds like some pretty colors you have. I’m also lusting for the Endless Chocolat and Burning Black shades but sadly not on sale clearance 😦 xx


  2. The shadow is very pretty, you’re right it really is shimmery. I would totally pick this up to wear in the inner corners of my eyes. The little clearance section at any drugstore is so dangerous! lol There’s usually a few decent makeup items there.

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  3. I’m completely addicted to these! I own 13 of these (what an unlucky number, I need more to even it out!)
    You got a great deal on this one, they’re not cheap! I got a couple of them for clearance from Shoppers in the $1 bin and the colours are corally, I may try them as a blush. My favourite colour is called Amber Rush, you should check that one out!


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