Ipsy Makeup Bag – Shea Moisture Review


Another week of first impression review on this pretty lip stain by Shea Moisture. You can find this product available online at Target’s website but I got this from my ipsy bag. Regular price $9.99 a tube. Available in eight lovely colors from Nude to Vampy shades selection.

shea moisture

Just look how pretty Sarah is! A Dark Pink/Magenta shade perfect for summer wear, I like it. I love the color swatch on my arm as it looks the same on lips. It gives a lovely satin finish. So yay!

The downside of this lipstick is the scent which is not my favorite smell. It has a strange smell I find it hard to pinpoint 😦

lip swatch

It’s buttery smooth on texture and it’s moisturizing. This lipstick glides so smoothly and I’m so impressed that this actually comes from a drugstore brand. Further, I tried on the lip color transfer on my hand and as you can see it has very light transfer which is awesome. The color hugs your lips, and stays on half the day.

This lipstick contains Vitamin E and aloe which nourished and protected your lips. Even better? The line is eco-friendly. It’s also paraben free and cruelty free!

Which color lip will you be wearing to rock your summer? I love to hear your comment so don’t forget to leave them down below 😀

Thank you very much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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20 thoughts on “Ipsy Makeup Bag – Shea Moisture Review”

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, hun! I can totally relate how you feel. I on the other hand wish to get UK products hahaha! Definitely need to do a swap one day. No problem, I’ll drop by your blog for sure 😀 xx

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    2. Haha, we should do a swap! I’ll send you UK products in exchange for US products. That’s actually not a bad idea, feel free to email me if you’re interested 🙂 Xx

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    1. Thank you very much Priyanka for your comment. So glad to hear that you love it. Thanks for reminding me to check out Luxe Pineapple, I’ve heard many good things about this brand 🙂 xx


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