Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Cream Blush by Joe Fresh




Remember in my previous post on the Drugstore Madness Wednesday, I mentioned finding some interesting and super steal makeup products by Joe Fresh! Well, I’m here to give you part 2 of the products for this week.

Curious to know what’s these three bottles are, right?  Don’t sweat it, I’ve put the color swatch down below and if you stroll down further, it’s there.


I picked these blushes up because of the cute packaging that intrigued me to get them. But also the price is super deal from $4.00 a bottle to $0.94 I can justify myself to buy three of these. Well, would you pay $4.00 for this? I’ll help you find out in a moment.


So, here I have three shades I picked from the grocery store. I got the shades in Bronze, Berry and Pink. Just to recap for those who is new to this post – Joe Fresh makeup brand is exclusive only to Loblaws and Maxi (subsidiary company) as I speak but brace yourself for its coming to hit all Canadian drugstores (according to the source) in 2016.


The packaging is of white plastic bottle which I find them cute to put in my vanity <3.   Very easy to open and close and the texture is very smooth. I would say it gives a sheer to medium finishing and buildable through layering up.

color swatch blushes

Color swatches from left to right: Bronze, Berry and Pink. The Berry is the loudest color while Pink the softest. On me, I use Berry and the color payoff is amazing. This blush doesn’t feel sticky or tacky when on skin, it’s as if not wearing any blush at all. It also gives a nice dewy finish which I like.

You can that for what it is and I can say that this is a pretty impressive cream blush which I’ll continue to wear and report back later. But for now, I’m satisfied with the appearance and I’m so glad I picked up these three bottles of cream blush that will keep me entertain this summer.

Which shades would you like to pick up from the store? They’re available online for US residents and some location in the States.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo




14 comments on “Drugstore Madness Wednesday|Cream Blush by Joe Fresh”

    1. Yes, they are. I’m a sucker for cute packaging but I’m super glad that the formula is good too. So, double bonus! Stick packaging makes it so easy to bring when travelling. Sorry, Joe fresh is available to certain stores in Canada and New York area only 😦 xoxo


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