Tip On Keeping High Shine Eyes In The Summer


Would you like a summer like this except with legs of course! Then, you definitely need lots of suntan lotion with high SPF. Uh well … that’s not a secret right but what I’m going to share with you today is classified as “Top Secret”. Shhhhhhhh

by source
by source

With summer approaching and the temperature rising, what better thing to do than just do what those little mermaids did. Basking under the sun, lying on the beach, sunbathing to get the perfect summer tan, letting your body suck in all the Vitamin D that you skin truly needs but then how do you keep your high shine makeup on?

So, what’s the deal you ask? Well, is it only me or do you feel the same way too that summer also means more time spent in the water! I honestly think it’s practically normal to want an eye makeup that wouldn’t run or slide off when you having so much fun.

Are you ready as I unleashed the top secret (not so secret anymore after this) which I learned from a beauty guru on how you can keep your high shine eyes. You must be anxious now, so let’s dive in under the sea together.

The first thing you must do is don’t forget to use your eye primer. You can use the most durable eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay. It’s the Primer Potion in Minor Sin by Urban Decay that not only sets your makeup but it gives your lids an immediate dewy finish. Like that! That’s not it. With eyeshadow primer you can basically slap your eyeshadow with gloss or shimmer on your lids without having too much to worry about it been too tacky or slide off when the BBQ grill heats up. Basically, what I’m saying is that you don’t want to look like this. 

from tumblr
from tumblr

Besides since you’re already on the roll might as well put up a few notch by dabbing Vaseline over your eyelid or better still mix it nicely with your eyeshadow before applying. The result is having a wet eyeshadow appearance that last all day.

by source
by source

That’s all I got for you this week and see you all again soon.

Thanks for sopping by.

Sharon xoxo

Disclaimer: All pictures and video clip are taken from source.


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