Lierac Fluid Body Cream|Review



lierac body cream

Not long ago I was introduced to this Lierac Paris Hydrofilia Anti-Dessechement Fluid Body Cream by my girlfriend. She heard that I have some dryness on my skin and she’s kind to recommend this product to me. I haven’t heard of this brand before but curious to try it out. So, recently I pick up this Body Cream at Winners (Canadian Retail Store) and it was on sale price of $10.00 instead of $12.99 the regular price. So, hurray for discounted price!

body cream

This is a big bottle containing net wt: 6.9 oz of body cream and that’s a huge amount for only $10.00. And what I love about this fluid body cream is the pump applicator that comes together in this bottle packaging. Very easy to dispense the cream and I like the pale pink and gold trim on this bottle. It makes the vanity in my bathroom even more appealing when put on display.  lierac texure

This cream smells amazing and the texture is moist and creamy. It’s not sticky nor tacky at all. It helps hydrate dry skin immediately and I’m surprisingly impressed with this product. Well, I don’t have eczema but just some skin dryness and I’m truly happy with the result after 1 week of applying this body cream by Lierac. Will continue to use this since it makes my skin smooth and hydrated.

It says here on the packaging that it gives an immediate comfort and prolonged hydration. Enriched with soothing active ingredients. Helps calm redness and feeling of irritation.

If you have dryness on your body, you might want to try this Hydrofilia fluid body cream. It works on me and I’m so glad that my girlfriend told me about it.

Lierac Paris is a skin care company that you need to check them out if you haven’t already. Click the link here and find out more on their website.

Have you heard of Lierac skin care products before? If yes, which product have you tried? I love to hear your comment on the section below.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo





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