Finish 5 By Fall Challenge

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Happy Monday Gorgeous! It was raining yesterday and I have nothing much to do just like Sally and Nick in the book by Dr Seuss on The Cat In The Hat and so I sat in front of my notebook and start with this challenge tag by my fellow Canadian Blogger, Angela from Raincouver Beauty as part of the CBB link up.


So, what does this challenge entail? Well, first of all, I have to challenge myself to see if I can finish five products that I have choosen down below by the start of fall (ie. September 23, 2015).


Frankly speaking, I’m a little nervous to do this challenge tag but also excited at the same time. Believe me, this seems to be the only way to motivate me to use up the products in my stash, so that I can make room for more new ones, whahaha! 

Let’s read out the rules of this challenge in Angela’s Tag Guidelines: 

1. Pick 5 items (extras are okay) that you want to try to use up
2. You have until the first day of fall- September 23, 2015 to make as much progress as you can
3. Make an update post about halfway through (optional) and a final reveal on September 23!
4. I’ll be using #cbbfinish5 to track my progress, and I’d love for you to use the same!
5. Good luck and have fun! Hope you’ll rediscover favorites or just clean out some space in your collection 😉


Here are the 5 products which I attempt to finish or empty by this fall 😛

1. New Silky Touch Blush by Essence. I remembered having this blush from the very beginning but it never seems to finish!

2. BB Cream Multi-Action by Annabelle in travel size. It’s summer and BB cream is my go to face product to use therefore it’ll be done before fall. You guys know that I have many BB cream in several brands I have and love to try on but first thing first will be this Annabelle BB cream 🙂

3. Show Time Volumizing Mascara by NYC. I like wearing mascara but I’m honestly I’m not the biggest fan of it. So, you seldom see my review on mascara since it takes longer for me to finish them up. I’m very particular when it comes to choosing a mascara since I have sensitive eyes which gets irritate easily. I still have 1/4 left on this mascara and the sooner I finish this the better since I’m putting high expectation on the new Covergirl mascara.

4. Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Magnolia. I really like this nude shade in Magnolia and I’m looking forward to be wearing it a lot and finish it before fall comes.

5. Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss . I’m half way there with a puff lips! LOL

I’ll be reporting back once the time is up to share what I have accomplished to finish or emptied by then. This is a fun challenge tag to do and if you are looking for a reason to get more rooms for new makeup, then I encourage you to participate and do this challenge. Remember, Finish 5 by Fall!

I hope you find this post interesting and that you’ll take up this challenge 🙂 Everyone can join!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo

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