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Many of you may not know this brand, but Joe Fresh is a fashion brand and retail chain created for Canadian Food Distributor, Loblaws Ltd. Joe Fresh has also entered the American market with permanent and pop-up stores in New York City and region, with JC Penney store outlets throughout the United States.
I tagged along with my honey bear to do our weekly grocery shopping, and as I was browsing at the makeup section and doing some makeup swatches, yes that sounds crazy and no joke that’s the life of a makeup lover. Anyways, long story short, I heard many good things about Joe Fresh products and needless to say I walked away with several interesting beauty haul which I’m excited to share them in my post. So, let’s get rolling:-


First item I picked up is this Eye and Lip Palette by Joe Fresh because of its neutral earthy shadows topped with super cool packaging! I really like this simple but yet sturdy plastic packaging. The packaging doesn’t look cheap but rather expensive looking. The shade I got is in Bronze Age and the shadows are in Gold (shimmer),  Bronze (shimmer) and Dark Brown (matte) finish. It comes with a bright orangey lipstick and an eyeshadow brush. I’ll do a color swatch and review on my next post. This palette retails for $12.00


On a whim, I also pick up this Nail Polish in Maple. Net wt: 0.2 fl oz – for $1.94 and it was on special, so I justify myself to get it. The packaging is of cylindrical with a white plastic top. The lid is slightly larger than the bottle length. They are so amazing! Color goes on next to opaque. A full review coming up once I’ve tried it. I really really like this color. Oh, so pretty! It has a very nice selection of colors to choose.


I also got this 2 in 1 Concealer Cream Stick retails for $8.00 and I’m just curious to try this one out. I got mine in the shade Dark but it doesn’t look so dark from the stick. Anyways, I’m excited to try this out too. I’m going to open it right now :P. It comes in a twist stick pencil packaging and the texture is super amazing. It’s soft and it glide so well without having the feeling of it dragging whatsoever. Judging from the look of this concealer stick I personally think that it’s a little steep for a 0.07 fl oz net wt but I’ll report back the quality and performance once I’ve tried it if the value and quality are on par.


Next is this Eyeshadow Duo in Honeybell and Apricot. Again, I was blown away by the packaging. The packaging is made of clear plastic polycarbonate material which looks like a glass packaging. It doesn’t look like the drugstore plastic packaging we often see at the drugstores. Highly pigmented and it blends super amazingly. The texture is soft and smooth and no fallout. It has a soft dewy finish and these shades are very versatile.


I got this single Eyeshadow in Petrol – a blue spruce undertone with micro-glitters. Net wt: 0.08 fl oz for $5.00. It comes in a sturdy clear plastic packaging. I’ve been planning on doing a single eyeshadow makeup look and this shade will be perfect to make my brown eyes look more pop. Full eye makeup tutorial with review on my next post. Don’t forget to check back later 🙂


Many of you know that I don’t wear false lashes and well that’s about to change. Since I was at the Joe Fresh makeup section long enough, everything seems more appealing and I spotted this Lash Adhesive for $4.00 and told myself that now I don’t have any excuse not to. So, this is going to be my first time ever to try wearing a false eyelashes and I’m super nervous.


Lastly is a random product I saw in the liquidation box and it’s the L’oreal HiP (high intensity pigments) Bright Shadow Duo in Brazen. The color tone is of Dark Rose and Dark Brown and both shadows are matte finish. These shades look pretty to wear for evening wear. Comes in 5 high-flying combos. It’s ultra pigmented and the color intensity is amazing.

That’s it on my makeup haul for this month. So, I’ll say that these products are incredible for the price with good quality. For the price, the quality and the pigmentations, you can never go wrong. I’m so so glad to find these products by Joe Fresh. I’ll definitely be getting more of this brand to share in my next several posts. I must say that the price is affordable and the quality is impressively good.

I’m all about good deals when it comes to beauty on a budget and if you are in Canada go and check this brand out at the Superstores or if you have friends living in Canada, ask them to get it for you or order online.

Have you tried these lovely products? Let me know what you thought on the comment section below!

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo

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  1. ingrid says:

    I’m anxious to read your reviews xxx


  2. plus+beauty27 says:

    Great haul! Never heard of this brand before. 🙂 xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tessgalen says:

    I have a bunch of Joe Fresh nail polishes but haven’t tried anything else. I love the packaging of the polishes and the small size. Not sure if they make it anymore but my favorite shade is Hula.


  4. stashmatters says:

    Joe Fresh packaging are fantastic – very reminiscent of Shu Uemura packaging. I haven’t tried much from the brand but what I have tried, I’ve liked. Their nail polishes are inexpensive and quite good quality! Nice score on that L’Oreal HIP eye shadow – they’re very pigmented, it’s too bad L’Oreal discontinued that line!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tee Joe says:

    I really like the maple nail polish. Pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. neversaydiebeauty says:

    Isn’t Joe Fresh an inexpensive but cute clothing line? I like the look of this makeup. I wish I still lived in NYC (for many reasons, lol). I’m eager to here how you like the concealer. I particularly like the look of it, but the whole range that you picked up looks affordable but impressive


  7. Ursula Ball says:

    Enjoyed learning more about Joe Fresh being more than a clothing line inside of JCPenny!! I like a few of their colors esp. the “chocolate frosting” nail polish 😉

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    Liked by 1 person

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