Question Tuesday! What’s Your Favorite Lip Finish?



Hope you guys are doing well! It’s Tuesday morning and what better thing to do then to do some Question of the week! Today’s question is all about you and what’s your favorite lip finish you reach for? So, here is the question … continue reading below.

Question of the Week: Are you on board with the current matte lip trend? If so, which products are you loving lately? If not, what other finish do you prefer?

Answer: Yes, I love mattes for a multitude of reasons. First of all, they don’t tend to slide around or come off on teeth. It’s like they stay where you put them :). Secondly, they last longer than frosty or creamy ones. And thirdly, there are more matte lipsticks than matte single eyeshadows.

But I won’t say no to a shiny finish as long as it doesn’t look too frosty. You can always mattify a shiny or creamy finish by blotting a little bit.

faves lipsticks finish

In the photos above I’m wearing different lips finishing.

I have here a few of my lip finishing that I adore personally. So, what’s yours going to be? Please share your comment on the section below. Tweet me photos or #favoritelipfinish 😀

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo



3 comments on “Question Tuesday! What’s Your Favorite Lip Finish?”

  1. I like a creamy satin finish – no shimmer, no gloss, no frost, no matte! The finish that embodies this is probably the Guerlain Rouge G. Very comfortable to wear and stays on very well.


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