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As I was feeling down recovering from my illness and spending my late afternoon reading some blogger posts. I came across this awesome blog by Raymond of Axel The Key. This is a blog award for bloggers. I was not nominated for this Thunder Award but I felt inspired by Raymond. If you haven’t visited Raymond, please give him a visit. I just wanted to share this award nomination to the bloggers who truly deserve this amazing award for you took out from your precious time to read, to reblog and leave comments in my blog and that really encourages me a lot and I wanted to give back.

Here comes the nomination for bloggers who are considered to be active bloggers, read my posts, reblog my posts, leaving lots of comments and likes to my posts. They are truly amazing people and good friends who give so much support and besides I also visited their blog and having good interaction with these awesome people. The award could be rewarded many times and who knows what might happen if someone receives the same award many times! I am very thankful for these kind bloggers and therefore I grant all of them a special award Encouraging Thunder as a symbol of protection from nature in random order 🙂


Curly Spring Blossom

Hello Kaily

Stash Matters

Best Day Blogger 





A Beautiful Whim 

Blueridge Beauty

In the Beauty Box 



What you can do with Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Post it on your blog
  • Grant other bloggers with the award

What you can’t do with Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Abuse or misuse the logo
  • Claim that it’s your own handmade logo

What you should do after receiving Encouraging Thunder award:

  • Enjoy the award
  • At least gives thanks via comments and likes and or mentioning the blog who give the award.
  • Mention your purpose in blogging

Give them all love by visiting their blogs and show some appreciations 🙂 This is only Part 1 of my Encouraging Award and Part II will be up soon for those names are not in this post. Keep commenting and liking to be featured in upcoming awards. I think you can nominate me too if you ran out of names to nominate, hehehe! 

Thank you all for taking your time to read and this Encouraging Thunder awards is now in your hands.

Sharon xoxo

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