Wet n Wild Coloricon Blusher|Review


wnw blush

I just pick this Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush in Mellow Wine recently and are having a blast with this blush. I haven’t tried many other Wet n Wild blushes but this one truly steal my heart. I’m in love ❤ … in love with this blush. Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

The color payoff is incredible and this color Mellow Wine is not loud but subtle. It has a peachy dusty rose warmth tone in it which is so beautiful. I find that this blush will give you a nice warm glow finish. I really like the huge pan and not to mention the smooth texture ❤

wnw blush swatch

I did a color swatch and put it on and I’m like “whoa this looks amazing” and guess what it looks even better on the cheek. So, I’m like Aahhhhhh!!! (Ariel, from the little mermaid Disney)

by Disney
by Disney

When I apply it on my cheek, it goes on smoothly and the pigmentation is awesome. Icing on the cake is that it has great staying power. But be sure to tap off the excess powder before applying on your cheek due to high pigmentation. And if I’ve to mention one gripe, I wish they get rid of the crappy brush.

Wet n Wild, you still continue to impress me and I love it. I would definitely recommend giving this a try. Wet n Wild is really stepping up their game because I love their Coloricon 8-pan and trio eyeshadows, Megalast lipsticks and I’m adding this to my list of must haves. If you’re beginners looking to experiment with blush, I highly recommend Wet n Wild because of the quality you get and the price is so inexpensive. If you’ve paler skin then this shade might be too loud on you but they have 4 color selections in this range to choose from.

Oh ya, did I mention  that Wet n Wild is cruelty free? Well, it is! So, be sure to check out this blush the next time you shop.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo







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