I heard lots of raves recently about this Maybelline New Mascara collection for this summer and I just can’t stop to been curious what’s all the hype was all about. There were mixed reviews from youtubers but I personally don’t think that I’ll like to wear Chaotic even if it means having a sexy mess!

Question: Can anyone tell me why do you want to pick this VOLUM’ EXPRESS THE COLOSSAL© CHAOTIC LASH WATERPROOF by Maybelline? What is Maybelline trying to pull with this new mascara?

photo by source

photo by source

Personally, I don’t think that I’ll be missing out much if I didn’t get this Chaotic Lash but let me know what do you all think? There is no right or wrong answers but would love to hear your opinion on this. So, don’t forget to leave your comment on the section down below.

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Check back later for a back to back post ❤

Sharon xoxo




  1. stashmatters says:

    No to this, and NO to the L’Oreal Manga one! I don’t want to pay good money for my lashes to all clump together.

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  2. ingrid says:

    What’s the point !?! OH! well maybe for the very young generation 😉

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