Question Tuesday|Your Favorite $0.99 Drugstore Makeup Product


Hey gorgeous!

It’s Tuesday and are you ready for this week’s Question Tuesday? I have several listed below and let’s see how many you can answer? Many of you might have noticed or have seen that I’ve started this topic content a while ago and guess what, Question Tuesday will continue to be running.

Remember, my previous post where I talked about the Disney films makeup. Well, I must have been carried away and I just love disney characters and this week Ursula has a message for you!

life is full of tough choices by Disney channel

Q: Tell me what is your favorite 0.99 or 1.99 drugstore beauty products? Why do you think they’re great? 

You can leave your comment in the section below or on my facebook page and twitter. I will select a few of your responses and share them in my next post with everyone here. Selection will be based on originality and explanation on why the product works for you.

I’ll ask my facebook and twitter followers to chime in too. The more responses the merrier. I hope all of you have fun and find this post interesting.

Thanks for stopping by and until next Question Tuesday, stay beautiful!

Sharon xoxo


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  1. Kaily says:

    OMG love the Ursula 🙂 I’d have to say I love the 99¢ single shadows from Wet n Wild!

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  2. stashmatters says:

    Aw Kaily took mine! 😛
    Um, I like Sinful Colors nail polishes – they retail for $1 to $2 depending on where you shop. I’ve been seeing them at Dollarama!

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  3. It’s not widely available in drug stores yet but it’s on There is nail polish made by 2B Colours that I sampled which are under 1.00. Amazing for the price. Stayed glossy and pretty of 2 weeks.

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  4. […] picking a comment from my Question Tuesday two weeks ago by my beauty friend, Stash Matters who mentioned in her comment that Sinful Colors […]


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