Neon Nails of the Month




Summer is an exciting month for many of us with school breaks, summer vacation sidewalk sales and new amazing beauty summer collections to look forward to 🙂 Neon color is color of the month and I have two exciting colors to share here with you all.


Behind the scene is the neon color. I planned to wear this beautiful blue today by OPI and then the sun was out and so I decided to go the extra mile by painting the yellow nail polish by Covergirl in Lemon Drop. Net wt: 0.11 fl oz for regular price $3.39. I paid $2.00 when it was on special.  Just a brief note, I absolutely love the color, but the polish itself is average. It’s quite thick and streaky making applying the polish more difficult. It has a little bit of shine to it. Available in 18 color selections and they’re a limited edition. You can read more of my full review if you click here and continue reading below.

These two neon colors gives a lovely contrasting shades.


OPI nail lacquer in Ogre the Top Blue is gorgeous. Net wt: 0.5 fl oz. This is my new favorite polish, the color is amazing. I’d describe it as Cookie Monster Blue. It’s bright and bold and vibrant, so eye-catching and very neon. I love this shade and with one coat, the formula goes on smooth. It gives a creamy and shiny finish once dries up. The blue is bright and fun to look at. It takes about 5 minutes to dry for the first coat but it’s worth the wait. For this look, I’m just doing one coat and didn’t have the chance to apply the top coat yet. I personally will go for 2 coats on these nail polishes for extra shine and beauty.

After having painted these amazing nail color I’m feeling much better and again ready to face the world. Overall these neon shades are fun colors which I really enjoy wearing them ❤

Which color would be your neon color to wear this summer? Don’t forget to leave your comment on the comment section below. I love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading )

Sharon xoxo

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