How To Stop Lipsticks From Bleeding


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What does lipsticks bleeding actually means? Well, let “Yoda” speaks? Know him you do, surely. The great Jedi master he is! The little green Jedi master he also is.

Yoda speaks “Much to learn you still have”. Bleeding lipstick you have – dry lips and color migrates around the cracked mouth, surely also are.

Here are the 5 tips to stop lipsticks from bleeding:-

1. Simply apply rich nourishing or lip balm at bedtime. This helps to keep your lips moist and not dryish when you wake up the next morning to wear your lipstick.

2. Use only lipsticks that has butter shea and vitamin E properties.

3. Always line your lip with a natural or soft nude lip liner if you don’t want your lipstick to bleed. The job of the lip liner is sort of barricade the lip color from feathering out.

4. You can also use your foundation or concealer as the base. Just dab it on your lips lightly before applying your lipstick.

5. I know this is going to be hard but try, try to only wear long lasting lipsticks on special occasion only. Long lasting lipsticks tend to dry out lips.

6. Oh gosh! I thought I have 5 ips but here is another tip you might want to do. Don’t wear lip gloss on lipstick. It will make your lipstick melt and migrate around the lips.

7. Another bonus tip is try a smudge proof lip liner to line the lips, take some time to outline and focus on the cupid’s bow.

That’s all and that’s it for today’s tip of the day. Whew… that’s a lot to digest but I do hope that these tips helps when you come across feathering or bleeding lipstick.

by source
by source

Yes, Jedi master or master Jedi. Oh whatever! Yoda has spoken. But wait a minute Spoken he has. LOL!

So, that’s it from me and hope to see you again tomorrowwww!!!

What is your tip when it comes to feathering or bleeding lipstick? I love to hear from you on the comment section below.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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