Wordless Wednesday|Summer Fashion File


Hey guys!

Happy Wednesday. In today’s post I just have a few of  the clothing for Spring/Summer to show you guys. Since the weather is warming up here where I live – short sleeves and light sweaters at night are my favorite outfit to wear. So, I picked these few pieces of clothing from Winners.

Fashion file

Dark Brown Turtle Neck blouse with black sweater (14)




I’ll be sharing and talking more of clothing and fashion in a different category very soon.

So, have you started your spring cleaning already? If yes, which products would you mostly discard?

Thank you for visiting.

Sharon xoxo



  1. ingrid says:

    You should have kept your face in the picture !!! 😄(Gorgeous shirts, the third one is so cute)
    Pink lipsticks, fashion … Very cool 😘


  2. Very cute outfits! I’ve been doing quite a bit of spring Cleaning. Tossing old clothes, sorting papers, etc. Feels good to get rid of old junk.

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  3. The open shouldered printed top is lovely and I agree, take photos including your face/whole body 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful..I agree you have a great smile, you shouldn’t cut your face out of the pictures!!

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