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Thank you so much for stopping by and today I wanted to talk a little bit of the Physician Formula which many of you might have seen them in the drugstores. Their popular product lines are the Argan wear to mineral, to organic and nude wear all under the same Physician Formula’s umbrella.


I revisited my old archives posts recently and I thought of doing a refresh post and share with all of you my opinion from the past and today. I did a post review on this eyeshadow palette many months ago and I’m reporting back my findings.

Just to recap, this palette doesn’t grab my attention in terms of shades and shimmery finish but the packaging. Admittedly, I was more drawn to the cute packaging than the eyeshadow itself. Since many of you know that I’m a sucker for cute packaging I caved in the moment I saw this palette. The packaging is so adorable I know immediately where to display it. I hope I’m not the only one who has this thoughts everytime I see cute makeup packaging 😛 Leave your comment below if you feel the same way too sometimes.


It comes in a rectangular cardboard packaging with a magnetic latch on the lid. There are 9-pan shadows in a palette and the pet peeve is that the stripes are so small and there are no dividers so the colors will run together if you use a standard fluffy eye brush. I would suggest using a blending brush. The pigmentation is low and you can definitely need a primer if you’re aiming for a longer staying power.


The color swatches from darkest to lightest on the 9-pan palette. The darkest black shade can be used as liner and the lightest pink as highlighter.

physician formula eyelook

This look, I’m just using one color shadow third shade from left. This palette has all shimmer finishing and it’s a fun palette if you love to play with colors and be creative with different eye makeup.

Overall, for me. I really want to like this palette but unfortunately it’s not something that I’ll jump or reach for it. So, no sorry – I’ll not repurchase this in the future. It just didn’t work on me but it might work on somebody else, I really don’t know.

Which eyeshadow palette have you picked up from the drugstore recently? I love to hear your comment. Leave them down below.

Thank you and stay beautiful.

Sharon xoxo



5 comments on “Physician Formula|Fashionista Eyeshadow Palette”

  1. They have a very basic cool toned brown, pink and white one that was my most used eyeshadow palette for yearsssssss. I bought it like 5-6 times and the quality is soooooooo nice! None of the others I’ve tried from them have measured up 😦

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