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Hi everyone!

Sorry that it took longer than I planned to put this post up, and there’s no good reason for that. Anyways, I’m ready to share my thoughts and opinion on this Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow Palette by theBalm which I received as a gift from my honey bear on mother’s day. This palette is a limited edition and can only be purchased online at Amazon.

meet matt by thebalm

I’m delighted to get this eyeshadow palette. I love matte shadows and I’m like head over heels on this one. Okay, I didn’t get to Meet Matt(e) Nude, perhaps my honey bear has something on his mind, I seriously don’t know, but I’ll check later.

Okay back to my all time favorite eyeshadow brand, theBalm!!! Oh, I love the soft, creamy and buttery texture on this palette. It’s so smooth and boy it blends so well. You really have to try this to find out yourself but I’ll give you the gist of what I find interesting from this palette.

The palette comes in a sturdy cardboard packaging like all of theBalm eyeshadow palettes.Inside are 9 beautiful shadows from light to dark toned shades.

color shadows

All the shadows are matte finish and the pigmentation are gorgeous. It blends so amazingly well and they stay all day. I’m wearing Matt Batali for today’s look.

In my opinion, this palette has a great potential to create many different look that can really whoa others. It all depends on your imagination and creativity to play around with these beautiful mattes. Usually, it’s very hard to find a matte eyeshadow from a drugstore, not to mention a whole matte palette. If you’re a matte eyeshadow person like me, then this palette is something you might want to get hold of.

color swaches 9 shades

Color swatches from L-R: Matt Smith (cream), Matt Mcdonald(ashy grey), Matt Batali (aubergine eggplant), Matt Gallagher (brown), Matt Horowitz (royal blue), Matt Schilling (teal green), Matt Ramirez (dark brown espresso), Matt Chung (soft pink) and lastly Matt Patel (taupe).

These shadows are as mate as you can get. My favorite shades are Matt Batali (aubergine eggplant), Matt Gallagher (brown) and Matt Ramirez (dark brown espresso). I notice that Matt Smith and Matte Gallagher and Matt Patel seems to camouflage into my skin tone but these shadows can be layered without fallout.

matt baladi purple eyelook

I used the lighter shade (Matt Smith) on the bare lids and then proceed to use Matt Batali on the crease. Then, I continue with Matt Ramirez on the outer corner and finished up with Matt Chung as the highlighter. I also used Matt Batali on the bottom lashline. White eyeliner for the inner corner. I used Essence liquid eyeliner to draw a winged eye. For this look, I didn’t put on any mascara since the focus is upon the matte eyeshadows.

Overall, I love this matte palette and I think this would be a great option for people who want to try a matte eyeshadow palette. I love it! And I highly recommend this to anyone.  You can still order this on Amazon online and I believed this is a limited edition. The price is on a high point but given the quality and beautiful pigmentation and color tones in this palette in my opinion it’s worth every penny. It’s a beautiful matte palette for everyday wear.

On an unrelated note- I’m developing an obsession with matte makeup products as well. Look for more of my upcoming matte makeup products in the near future! 🙂

Have you already Meet Matt(e) or Meet Matt(e) Nude? Let me know what you think of this palette in the section below.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo


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15 thoughts on “Meet Matt(e) by theBalm |Review & Swatches”

    1. theBalm is really stepping up where I see more palette eyeshadows in their collections. Their product quality is impressive. Both eyeshadow palettes are equally gorgeous and it seems like you’ve already make your pick, hun 🙂 xo Thanks so much Allison.


  1. I haven’t tried these and I don’t hear much about them (which is so weird). Maybe The Balm needs to be more active with press packages and what not. The Matt Batali shade is really gorgeous. I could have fun with that one for sure! Gallagher is pretty – they are all great neutrals actually.

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  2. I have the Meet Matt(e) Nude! It’s a great palette with some unusual / unique matte shades. I don’t think I could create a full eye look with just this one palette but it is a perfect companion palette for all my shimmer eye shadows. TheBalm eye shadow are stellar quality! 🙂


  3. I just bought the Tartelette & the Kat Von D, I guess I now need Meet Matt 🙂 I need to get some theBalm products!!! You have a very nice husband as I can see (Lucky you) 😉 xo’s

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