Wordless Wednesday




Happy Wednesday Friends!

What I did last Mother’s Day? Well, I had a great time. We spend some quality time together. Nope, I did not get breakfast in bed this year but that’s okay. Instead, we went to an Indian Restaurant for lunch. I did shared pictures of the delicious food on facebook and twitter but I’m just going to share it here in my blog with all of you.

I also posted the gift I received from my honey bear and my son. My daughter is away vacationing in Japan. I miss her though. Anyways, she’ll be bringing gifts from Japan 🙂

Sorry if this is a repeat for those who miss the pictures on facebook or twitter. For friends who had already saw them thank you again for visiting and your love ❤

DSC02002 Mother’s Day Card – Handmade by my son ❤

DSC02029 Table Top Phalaenopsis Orchid

DSC02003 Mac and theBalm makeup gift

DSC01919 Chicken Briyani

DSC01914 Beef Thali

DSC01959 Hibiscus Plant

A full review and color swatches of the makeup products will be posted once I’ve tried them.


Share what you do this mother’s day? I love to hear your comment below.

Thank you very much for the love.

Sharon xoxo




6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday”

  1. Is that the original Meet Matte!? Can’t wait for a review 🙂 It sounds like you had a nice time and that Indian food looks so good (never tried it)!!! Haha it’s funny you mention breakfast in bed, I actually made my hubby breakfast on MD, lol.

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    1. My honey bear got it from Amazon. This palette is an older version of the new Meet Matte Nude palette. I guess he doesn’t want to meet Nude, hahaha, lol. The food were delicious and it was a fun time for me. Haha! There is still father’s day coming up – drop him a hint lol

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