7 “Beauty” Facts About ME (The Versatile Blogger Award)





by Disney
by Disney


I’ve been nominated for this award by my amazing friend Ingrid from CurlySpringBlossom. A truly good friend whom I adore since I first started blogging.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for this award. Oh gosh …. this might be the one time I’m speechless. You see I’ve been nominated several times in the past and somehow I just managed to do a few of the awards from my busy schedule. I feel bad not been able to fulfil the nomination but I seriously have to locate sometime do just do award posts in my blog.

Okay, break time over … time to get back to work on 7 “Beauty” Facts About Me! 

Sharon is someone who –

1) Don’t wear false eyelashes. I know the fact that false lashes could make my eyes sexify but I’m just not ready for it.

2) Dislike mineral powder makeup products especially for eyeshadows. It freaks me out when the shadow powder landed more on my table than actually on my eyes.

3)  Love to wear BB cream with SPFs in the summer. It’s BB cream time to shine.

4) Is not a big fan of mascara but still buy them out of curiosity. I accepted the fact that my lashes are average and not curly so even Bambi will not be envy

5) Is a sucker when it comes to cute, adorable packaging. Don’t blame me, it’s not my fault to love cute things (giggling)

6) Can’t stand strong scents from face or lip products. I’ll have headache for days.

7) Cannot put a perfect dot on her nails not to mention a nail art 😦 I would love to do an awesome nail paint but lack of patient seems to be my greatest enemy.

Very well, I hope after reading this you will all know me a little better 🙂

If you’re reading this Versatile Blogger Award post wherever you are, I nominate you with this awesome award because you deserve it. I love reading the facts about you and to get to know you better in return.

Thank you again for this beautiful award and nomination, Ingrid!

Sharon xoxo

by Disney

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