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Hey Gorgeous!

As I was doing my spring cleaning last weekend, I happened to dig out some makeup products that have been lying around in my vanity stash. i’m excited to share with you this 8 colors eyeshadow by Flower. I got this last Christmas from Walmart. It came as gift set with an eyeshadow brush, mascara and this beautiful eyeshadow palette. I did a mini haul and the link is here if you miss the previous post.

flower palette

This Shadow Play Eyeshadow by Flower in Rose Gold comes in 8 lovely shades. In this palette seven out of the eight shadows have shimmery finish except the dark brown which is the only matte. I personally would have preferred that there were 2-3 matte finishes. The yellow gold stands out the most from this palette while you get four nude or taupe shades for a neutral everyday wear.

I love the look of this palette with gold trim inside. It has a magnetic lid like many of its other quad eyeshadow palettes do. It’ll be nice to bring it in your purse since it’s a compact palette but the downside is it doesn’t come with a mirror and brush. I believe the quad palette has a dual end brush but without a mirror 😦

flower eyeshadow

In terms of the pigmentation, I would say the formula is richly pigmented. My favorite colors are the Bronze with gold shimmery (top far right), Pecan Brown (bottom second from left) and Taupe (bottom far right).

color swatches flower

You might want to use an eye primer before applying these shadows for best appearance and long staying power. The color swatches on my arms are without primer but they turned out nicely. There are seven shadows with gold shimmer/glitter except one the Dark Brown which has a matte finish. If you love a little bit of shimmer in your makeup appearance then you’ll like this palette. The shimmer is not overwhelming and perfect for everyday wear.

shadow play eyeshadow

On this look, I use the Yellow Gold on lids, the apply the Dark Green on crease and finishes it with the Bronze shade on the outer corner. Lastly, using the Barely Pink as highlighter on brow bones and inner corner.

Overall, I think this is a pretty shadow palette if you are looking for a neutral yet shimmery look. The only downside of this palette is I find that the Yellow Gold, Dark Green and Eggplant to be a little bit powdery but the shades are gorgeous.

Roundup – Flower Beauty is founded by Drew Barrymore and her makeup products can only be found at Walmart exclusively. If you haven’t check out Flower Beauty, I recommend you to do so the next time you shop.

What do you think of this Play Eyeshadow palette? Will you be reaching for it? I love to read your comments.

Thank you for stopping by to read 🙂

Sharon xoxo

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11 comments on “Flower Play Eyeshadow|Swatches|Review”

    1. Sorry to hear that. I just feel that it doesn’t make any sense when Flower Beauty is exclusive to Walmart but not all walmart has it ;( Yes, I heard some positive likes on the blushes.


    2. Just to let you know that I will talk about you (Again :)) for tomorrow’s “Week in Recap” … I will mention your coffee scrub that is AMAZING !!! xoxo

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    1. Ya, I believe this 8-pan palette is a holiday limited edition but I’ve seen the 4-pan ones too with the same shades but instead of one palette it’s in two. May the force be with you, Mwua!hahaha!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You should really try them. Yes, I heard that the Kiss Stick Velvety Lip Color is good but haven’t tried that yet. I guess I’ll eventually grab more makeup from this line when I go to Walmart 😀

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