Question Tuesday| NYX Avant Pop’


Hey everyone!

Hope your Monday wasn’t that bad! Today is another brand new day and I’m excited to share again another new products or not so new to some but in case you haven’t seen this palette before at NYX counter, I strongly recommend that you check them out.

This NYX new spring collection has very fun and bright colors that’s screaming for attention!

The shades from top to bottom are as follows:-

Art Throb

Surreal My Heart

Nouveau Chic

photo from pinterest
photo from pinterest

Q: Would you prefer an eyeshadow like this Avant Pop that has 10 color shades but there is a mix of matte, shimmer and even pearly finishes in each set? What do you think of that? Or do you think the L’oreal La Palette Nude is a better hits? 

A: This palette is selling for$17.00 at NYX website.

These palettes are currently only available at NYX website but I suspect they’ll be hitting Ulta, Target, FTB and other stores soon.

So, please keep all your comments coming. I love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

Sharon xoxo


2 comments on “Question Tuesday| NYX Avant Pop’”

  1. I know these are Avant Pop palettes but I still gravitate toward the neutral version, the Nouveau Chic one! In my experience, NYX singles are better quality than their palettes, so I typically stay away. I do like the idea of mixture of shimmery and mattes within 1 palette, it’s more versatile.

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