Tell Her KISS Brow Kit


kiss brow kit

Ever since brows made a comeback I have stopped excessively tweezing mine. I have learned to embrace my natural shape and only pluck stray hairs and trim longer ones into a cleaner shape. Typically, I used to use an eyebrow pencil by Sonia Kashuk in Taupe that has a small comb on the other end to soften the edges a bit but lately I’ve been using an angle brush and this KISS Brow Kit to fill them in and I find that it works great and is super quick!

I picked this Kiss Brow Kit from Walmart the other day when I went shopping for some nail polish for my mom. I think it cost me $7.94 for this kit and I’ve been wearing them whenever I go out.

natural eye look

In this kit, you can find a brow palette, a razor, two mini brush and four plastic eyebrow stencils. The textures of the shadows are both smooth and easy to apply.

Since my natural brows are still present, brow preparation is easy. I use the wax to groom my unruly brows, then I picked the Brown color from KISS palette to fill them in and finish it with the highlighter in light beige under my brows. You can play with the stencils shape provided in this kit and colour depending on the makeup look you’re wearing. There are four different type of stencils to look for in this kit. From Normal to Dramatic, Delicate to Sexy. You pick which shape your mood calls for that day.

I always apply the products with an angled brush, as this helps me control the amount of colour I deposit and the bristles draw little hairs on with each stroke. Start with application in the middle of the brow and work my way in, this way you’ll get a minimal amount of product in the inner corners and don’t end up with angry brows. Then use a light beige shadow from the same palette to clean up the edges and if you find you were too heavy handed with the brown shadow. Another trick is you can use a cotton swab and run it over to remove excess product and then take your foundation brush and stamp over to help tone out the colour.

color swatch kiss

Look how pigmented these formulas are. Love the shades in this palette. You can find Brown, Charcoal and Light Beige as highlighter in this palette. The swatch on the furthest right is the wax.

A trick or tips I learned from some youtubers are – if you have come across a time in your life where your brows may have gotten a little less full or they are just naturally that way (like my own), a simple trick is to try massaging a little bit of castor oil into your brows before going to bed. From my understanding is that the vegetable oil has amazing properties that promote hair growth and also helps to strengthen your existing hair. I got to hurry to the store to get a bottle of castor oil 😛


Well, I always try not to put too much color on my brows since I still want my eyebrows to look as natural as possible without looking overly dramatic. But I can tell you that this Kiss Brow kit can bring your eyebrows to the next level of awesomeness. Speaking of which, I think I’m going to be a little naughty and try the Sexy stencil tonight.

There is this quote I read from one of the beauty blogger recently that says “When it comes to brows, they are sisters, not twins.” Don’t get overwhelmed trying to make your eyebrows look identical because they just aren’t. And that’s natural!

So, let’s cheers for beautiful and glamorous brows!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this novel long post ❤

Sharon xoxo


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