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Happy Wednesday friends!

It’s time for my weekly Tell ’em Wednesday collaboration post and this week I’ll be talking about beauty products which I picked up from Walmart recently. This is a collaboration blog with my lovely friend, Ingrid from CurlySpringBlossom. I’ll put her link below so don’t forget to check out her blog after this. 

travel kit skin care

I picked this Live Clean Trial and Travel Kit for $7.97 at Walmart. This product is eco friendly as claimed by Live Clean. All the products inside this kit is for facial clean. 

In case you’re planning on going for a trip this summer this travel set has all that you need while you’re 10,000 feet above ground. They’re all nicely packed in a travel size packaging. Initially, I got this for my daughter who will be travelling to Japan but looking at how cute these samples are I caved in to give these a try 😛 

There are four sample size products in this travel kit. You got the Foaming Daily Cleanser, Smoothing Daily Moisturizer, Facial Scrub and Daily Serum. All these beauty products contains 98% plant derived from botanical orchids. Okay, let’s get started.

daily moisturizer

First up is the Daily Moisturizer in 30 ml. This is a lightweight moisturizer that quenches thirst. It’ll leave your skin soft and moist. Oh yes and I’m feeling the cool formula as I apply them on skin. It gives a nice sensation of freshness. I always tend to smell skin care products more than makeup. And I don’t scent any particular strong scents in this product. It’s has a mild fresh scents and that was it. This moisturizer is infused with orchid extracts and Vit C that calm and soothe your skin.

daily serum

Next is the Daily Serum which everyone must have, in my opinion. This tube comes in a net wt: 30 ml. I noticed that this Daily Serum is light and has a nice soothing scents which I like. It does have a calming effect on me. Having tried it for the past few nights have proof positive results. It suppose to make your complexion looking radiant . Once I’ve finish this sample size, away I go to get the regular size tube.

facial scrub

Third is the Facial Scrub which has some tiny grain of beads for scrubbing purposes. The texture is brownish in color. The grain are from the corn cobs which is gentle to your skin. I used it the past one week and so far I like it. I always love doing my facial scrub twice a week and I notice the massaging technique helps blood circulation on my skin. It leaves skin feeling calm and relax Zzzzzzz!!!

daily cleanser

Last but not least is the Daily Cleanser in 30 ml. This bottle comes with a pump applicator which is easy to use. You can easily pump out the foam cleanser with the applicator. It reminds me of the hair mousse formula very much. I don’t find any strong scents at all and it does its job to clean pores by removing excess oil, makeup and skin impurities.

To sum up, I do like this travel kit by Live Clean. This is my first purchase for this brand and I’m glad I tried it on the sample size aka travel kit before splurging into regular size bottles. Overall, I would say this is an average decent skincare products. This is a basic skincare products for a quick fix to clean and moisturize while you’re travelling.

If you are environmentally conscious and love Live Clean products, I encourage you to visit their website or Walmart to view their skincare line.

So, there you have it my two cents on this Live Clean facial travel kit. By the way, head over to Curlyspringblossom where she will be reviewing her Stila CC color correcting stick. A quick reminder, don’t forget to stay tuned until next week for a new and exciting topic. It’s a surprise!

Thank you all for the loves.

Sharon xoxo


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9 comments on “Tell ’em Wednesday a collab with CurlySpringBlossom|Live Clean”

  1. Great review Sharon! That is such a great price for all of those to travel with. I just might have to pick this up for my upcoming trip! 🙂 Xo

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  2. I like the Live Clean shampoos, especially the (Green Earth) Invigorating Shampoo. I’ve received free samples of their skincare that were attached to the shampoo bottles – I’ll have to try them! Thanks for this review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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