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Hey guys!

Can anyone seriously say No to this adorably cute Super BB Balm by SKIN79? I thought so! When I saw this at Amazon ‘s website I just jump straight to add this into my shopping cart. I’m super delighted when this package finally show up at my doorstep and without moment to loose I tried it out immediately and have been wearing it every single day. That was a week ago and oh boy, you can feel that your skin feels so soft and bright. All I can say is that I just saw a cupid shot an arrow and I’m falling head over toe with SKIN79 ❤  Here is our love story:-

super bb cream

“We walked together everyday, I can feel you so closed to me. You smell amazing and I love how soft and lightweight your kisses are when you planted them on my skin. Oh BB! My skin feels so wonderful and I noticed that my face brighten up every time you make contact. I can wear you the whole day and be happy with you by my side. We have so much fun together and one thing I want to tell you is that I’m so glad to have you in my life!”  

bb cream formula skin 79

Okay, in case if you have not heard of SKIN79 before – this is a Korean makeup brand which is popular in ‘Korea and has gained global popularity ever since their first BB cream to swamp North America and worldwide. This packaging comes in a freaking gorgeous hot pink cylinder metal container that just blow my mind. It is a pump method which I find quite sophisticated. The formula is not runny and it feels lightweight on skin. The consistency is more of a foundation but it blends beautifully.This BB smells awesome and leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft. You won’t feel like you’re wearing a BB cream at all. I’m telling you, you seriously need to try this.

The net wt: 40 g and I got this for $14.25 plus shipping at Amazon. Also available at SKIN79 website with six different color to choose from.

The great thing about this Super BB cream is that SKIN79 claims that it contains UV protection SPF 25, whitening ingredients and wrinkle improvement all triple functions in a bottle. It’s like the Disney movie “Aladdin” – Genie in the bottle” who grants you three wishes.

face comparison

Overall, this BB cream really impresses me by been extra soft and it gives a medium to full coverage. I didn’t layer up on this look. to see the effect when applied thin. It’s easily blendable and no problem with layering up a few notch to full coverage, I would say that this is a semi-matte to matte finish. I love love this BB cream to the moon and back. I highly recommend this.

Will I purchase? I will definitely repurchase. I’m satisfied over and beyond for the excellent quality and the incredible price. I recommend that you don’t miss out.

Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to read your comments below.

Sharon xoxo





10 comments on “Super BB Cream by SKIN79”

    1. You’re welcome Sharon! I have been on a search for a nice BB Cream myself and this one seems really nice. 🙂 xo


  1. This was my favourite BB cream until I discovered the Charmzone BB cream. I went through 2 bottles of the Skin79 and while it was great, I still found the colour match to be a little problematic. It’s a bit grey / ashy. Now I use Charmzone which has a yellow undertone, I wrote about it here:
    (I discuss how I used to use the Skin79 one in that post).
    I enjoyed your love story to the Skin79 BB cream, lol!

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