Pur~Lisse Makeup Remover|Review|Ipsy Glam Bag




Hey beauties,


After trying this 4 in 1 soy milk makeup remover by pur~lisse for a week, I’m ready to share my thoughts and opinion on this product. So, here is what I think happens:-

Some of you might have read my earlier post of Ipsy’s March Glam Unbagged and I was one of the ipster who receive this lovely pur~lisse pocket sample. The regular size is valued for $32.00. You can order through ipsy website or Pur~lisse online store.


First of all, I love how amazing this cleanser smells. It contains soy milk, blue lotus and many natural combined to make this wonderful formula that actually works. It’s comforting and it removes makeup at no time. A little squeeze is all you need to get your makeup removed. So, a little goes a long way 🙂


If you are someone who likes to see foam or lather in your cleanser than let me just tell you that you might not see much lather in it. But trust me, your face gets very clean.

I highly recommend you with this product if money is not a tight issue. It’s also eco-friendly.

What do you think of this Pur-lisse product? Will you purchase one today?

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo



7 comments on “Pur~Lisse Makeup Remover|Review|Ipsy Glam Bag”

    1. Thanks for your question. This is a 2 in one product. It serves as a cleanser and makeup remover. In my case, when I need to remove my makeup, I’ll used Pur-lisse to clean and remove while other times, I clean with Tony Moly and Neutrogena facial cleanser 🙂 So, yes, you can use it as a regular cleanser. It’s gentle to skin. Hope I answered to your question.


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