Question Tuesday




I did this posting on Question Tuesday last week and thought of doing it again since it’s fun.

Q: What’s on your Summer Beauty List?

A: SPF, SPF and more SPF please. My pick will be summer shades in matte lipsticks since they’re long wearing. I will also be picking some pretty nice summer eyeshadows to go with.

  • summer eyeshadows –
  • summer eyeshadows –
  • matte liquid lipsticks –
  • SPF-
  • SPF-

I’m dying to know what’s your pick for the summer? Don’t forget to leave your comment.

Thanks guys for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo




  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    On my summer beauty list is of course bronzer seeing as I’m very pale and probably some self-tanner along with hydrating lip glosses. 🙂

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  2. You have very good picks on your beauty list, Katie. Oh yes, bronzer.. speaking of which I need to pick up Milani bronzer I have been aiming at for more than a week 😀


  3. ingrid says:

    My Dr Jart+ Premium BB cream (SPF 45) Heaven on earth! … and pink, more pink, neon pink 😉


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