Copper Bronze New Makeup


Hey gorgeous!

I thought I’ll start the week with one of my favorite or go-to-looks. It’s the casual or get-ready with me eye tutorial makeup. I did a review on this Pixi eyeshadow palette which I picked up at Target several moons ago.

So, for today’s look I’m going to go ahead to use this Pixi eyeshadow palette in Copper Peach.

pixi bronzer shadows palette

This Copper Peach Eyeshadow Palette by Pixi I picked up at Target for $12.00. In this palette are six beautiful shades of warm-neutral toned. There are three matte and three shimmer finishes. I really love palette that has some matte finishing on it. I think this palette is very versatile. You can use it from really natural looks to the more dramatic appearance.

pixi eyeshadow

So, let’s do this!

bronze eyeshadow look 1

So, I’ll start by using this copper shade and apply it on the lids. You can use wet application with spray your brush with water to intensify the look or dry application which ever suits you better.

Next is the bronze which I put on the crease. I then use the darker brown for the outer half and inner corner. Then I go back to the palette and use the peach shade as highlighter right underneath the brows.

Alright, let’s finish this with Prestige pencil eyeliner. I like black color eyeliner and I’m using Jet Black on it now. Lastly, I use my eyelash curler by Emite Makeup which I got from my February ipsy bag.

color swatches bronze

Please thumbs up if you find this eye makeup tutorial helpful and interesting.

Thank you as always for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo


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