Generation Beauty Event 2015 by Ipsy

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Hey Beautiful,

Have you heard recently that there is going to be a Generation Beauty Event coming up at the end of May (May 30 – May 31) 2015? If you have, that’s very good and if you haven’t then here are some sneak preview of what’s going to entail. I’m super excited to share this event news with you guys and hope that if you are a fan of many of the Beauty Gurus and  Youtubers who will be there to meet and greet.

This is going to be an exciting event which I foresee is going to be incredibly amazing. Since I am still under the recovery mode after surgery I’m sort of leg bound…. boo..hoo…

So, if you are interested, please check out their website for tickets. You will meet up with your favorite beauty bloggers, youtubers, vloggers etc… with tons of free giveaways.

I’m just sharing my find on blog and beauty events with you guys. I really think this is a good experience to talk with other successful beauty bloggers and who knows you might find some prospective makeup brands there.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xox


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