NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat|Review



nyx stay matte

My innocent little pick me up makeup at my drugstore turns out to be a major beauty haul. That’s right. That how much I’m obsessed with makeup.

The shade I picked up was in Nude Diaphane with net wt: 1.18 fl oz.  That’s right! That’s the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat liquid Foundation which by the way is cruelty free and oil free. Remember to look for the Bunny’s logo to be sure that it’s really cruelty free certified.

color swatch nyx

Anyways, this is an exciting foundation that I have been meaning to pick awhile ago. Since I ran out of foundation, I need to replenish it. He!he! I did a color swatch on hand and oh yes ….also on the jawline. That’s the proper way to find the perfect shade for your foundation (TMI). As you can see on wrist, the shade looks orange-y but on on face you can totally see the difference. I don’t detect too much of the orange-y tone on skin.

This foundation has an amazing smell but is not overpowering. It blends incredibly well and I find that the texture is closer to BB cream than a foundation. This formula is more runny and not as thick which is good by the way. I learned that to minimize big pores, it is advisable to wear liquid makeup products instead of using the thicker formula.

nyx on face testing

On the left is without foundation and on my right is with NYX liquid foundation.You can see that there a little bit more dewy and it does covers the pores. I would say that coverage is medium but buildable. This foundation stays on and didn’t bulge for many hours. I even worn it to take a nap and I can tell you that my skin still looks pretty awesome.

Will I recommend this to my family and friends? I definitely will and will repurchase once I’m in the moon and back. The price point is reasonable for a drugstore brand and the quality is impressive.

Have you NYX Stay Matte? Which shade did you choose?

Available at any drugstore, Walmart, Target and online.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sharon xoxo



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