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Hey lovelies!

This is a recap of my previous post asking all of you to vote on my blog and I’m super excited to share the results.

You have voted to read as follows:-

Answer Votes Percent
Makeup Review 4 29%  
Cruelty Free products 3 21%  
Monthly Favorites 2 14%  
Beauty Tips & Tricks 2 14%  
Wordless Wednesday 2 14%  
Other: 1 7%  
Wishlist 0 0%  

Since receiving this result, I have accomplished many of the above. You have seen me doing a back to back makeup reviews, cruelty free makeup products, monthly favorites which I broke them into weekly favorites and beauty tips etc… I’m so glad to see many of you participating in this poll which means that your voices are heard.

If you like your voice to be heard, please vote below the poll and it will definitely be answered.

I appreciate you taking the time to read and vote for what interest you the most. The more voters the better the results and remember, YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT!

Again, thank you, my beautiful 🙂

Sharon xoxo




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