It’s Wednesday! What’s Your Must Have Eye Makeup Products?

it's wednesday! logoHey beauties!

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to join our weekly discussion group of beauty and makeup talks. Since this discussion kicked off last Wednesday, I wanted to let this post to be posted so that you may continue with the beauty discussion by leaving your comments below.

I’m back and in full force to encourage and ask for more participants to the group. I encourage you to participate and leave topic or questions you might want me to table it in our next makeup talk where everyone can discuss freely. Feel free to contact me through my email or just leave your comment in the section below.

So this week’s topic is “What’s your must have eye makeup products? Which brand is your fave?”

I hope to see you guys again next week.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

Sharon xoxo





  1. V says:

    Wet n Wild Fergie primer is a must for me. As far as eyeshadows, I really love Too Faced

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  2. I’m more onto eye concealer and UD eyeshadows with an eyeliner 🙂 Thanks for your comment V.


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