Dollar Store Beauty Haul



Hey guys,

I received a few request from friends recently to do a dollar tree haul or dollar store haul. Since I don’t have a dollar tree store here I’ll go a head and do a dollar store haul instead. The structure is quite similar where items are sold at $1.00 to a maximum of $3.00.

Okay, I don’t usually buy things from dollar store except for party stuff for my son or plastic sandwich bags for lunch. So, here are some of the stuff which I picked up recently for this haul.

Why dollar store products? First of all, you can find similar items in the drugstores and paying the regular price which are more pricey than the dollar store price. So, I’m trying to save a couple of dollars here and there. I’m like why pay more, right?

Besides my obsession for makeup, another product which I really enjoy purchasing is body wash. I managed to grab a few good finds at the Dollar Store and I’m excited to share them with you guys 🙂

beauty haul dollar store

Hair & Body Products:

1) AXE Dual 2 in 1 Shampoo – Conditioner (net wt: 650 ml) for $3.00. I enjoy smelling amazing and beautiful scents on hair and body, no wonder I fell in love with this AXE or anything about AXE to be precise. Fabulous smell! They really have an incredible formula for hair and conditioner which my husband also like. Directions behind the bottle: Wash, Attract, Repeat.

2) St Ives Mineral Therapy Hydrating Body Wash (net wt: 709 ml) for $3.00. I picked this because it claims to be formulated without parabens and dermatologist tested. I really like the clean smell of this mineral therapy body wash. I’m going to try it out and will be back with a review on my thoughts and opinion.

3) Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash (net wt: 354 ml) for $2.00. Oh yeah! This gentle exfoliator is truly microscopically tiny. It smells good and refreshing. Can’t wait to clean and exfoliate my dry skin actually but no I’ll wait till I emptied my St Ives exfoliating body wash first which should be soon.

4) Olay Body Wash + Body Butter with jojoba butter (net wt: 295 ml) for $2.00. Again, this body butter has a lovely smell no doubt. It claims to satisfy dry skin with intense moisture in just 5 days. Okay, seriously is it just me or you too are curious to try this body wash cum jojoba butter in your shower after reading this?

parfume dollar haul

Health & Beauty Products:-

5) Hydrogen Peroxide Antiseptic Spray On (net wt: 100 ml) for $1.50. I always have a bottle of this in my Medicine cabinet. The secret of this peroxide is not only to kill harmful bacteria but also to remove liquid foundation from fabric stain. This is an absolutely must have.

6) Remembrance Forever Mine an impression of Always Yours by Ralph Lauren (net wt: 100 ml) for $3.00. I’m a huge fan of Ralph Lauren fashion collection all the way to its perfume. I’m surprised to find this impression or copy fragrance at the Dollar store. It has a nice fresh fragrant scents which I have to admit to be quite pleasant. I’m going to wear it when I’m running a short errand.

7) Sweet Kisses an impression of Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Kiss (net wt: 50 ml) for $3.00. The first spray I tried smells like when I’m at my dentist office. It has a clean and subtle scents. I plan to put in my powder room for guest or family friends who visited to wear. The packaging is pretty as a decoration.

8) Elf Eyeshadow Brush for $1.50. Lastly is this brush. I really find that this elf eye shadow brush is handy when I’m working on my shadow. It takes a good amount of powder from the palette to apply on lids and crease. So, I’m going back to get a few more brushes to stock up.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy this Dollar store haul and f you like to see more of my Dollar store post, don’t forget to leave your comment below.

Since I have a few body wash to try and do a review, please be patient and it will all be up soon.

Which is your best pick from your Dollar store or Dollar tree store? Please share your findings.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo




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