Top 5 Makeup Tips All Women Are Dying To Know

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Hey guys and thank you very much for stopping by my post.

So, in today’s post. I’m going to share with you some of my top 5 makeup tips that will basically changed your makeup routine. Things that I picked up during my reviews and first impressions from all the postings I’ve shared. I used it myself and it makes a huge different for me in beauty appearances.

rimmel nude linernude eyeliner -rimmel

1) Wanting Bigger Eyes – the first tip I wanted to share with you is that if you have a smaller eyes or you find your eyes are not very bright – My advise is to wear mascara only on the top lashes and apply a nude color eyeliner on the bottom lash line. This is basically going to extend the colors in towards your eyes and really really going to brighten  your eyes and makes them look bigger. This tip can really give a massive, massive difference on your appearance. It also someway camouflages the down side of the dark circles under your eyes. My personal favorite eyeliner is the Rimmel Scandalized color pencils which is a soft nude, not a harsh nude liner – to line your lower lash line. It’s so creamy and long lasting.


2) Eyeliner Go Stubborn On You – be it an old or new eyeliner in your makeup drawer that doesn’t work as you like it to be. Don’t worry because there is this trick that works. Just grab a lighter and run the tip of your pencil through the flame for a second or two. Afterwards, make sure to blow on it and wait a few seconds before putting it on so it’s not dangerously hot. It should go on smoother than ever before. On my left is the eyeliner without under heat and look how pretty the one on the right. You can see the difference easily.Another trick is if you want a gel type liner, you can melt your old eyeliner into a gel texture by heating it and apply it with a eyeliner brush once it has cooled down.

white eyelinerwhite eyeliner lids

3) Make any eyeshadow shade pop with a white eyelid – take a white eyeliner pencil and run it over your entire eyelid just like so and finish up by filling your favorite eyeshadows on lids and crease. The opaque consistency will make any eyeshadow shade pop amazingly!

bronzer for contour contour blending

4) Not sure where to apply contour Eh! – find exactly where your cheekbone is with a brush handle to make a contouring look natural , place it just under the actual bone for the right spot , then dust some bronzer with a contouring brush and then diffuse the color for a natural look
spoon and mascara

spoon mascara

5) Messy mascara lines – try using a spoon the next time you rushing against time to avoid mascara marks on your upper eyelid while doing makeup. This method keeps mascara in place and you can coat your mascara with ease. Another trick to have a curly lashes is by using a blow dryer and heat your eyelash curler for a few seconds. Check on the temperature before using. Say hello to your new and improved amp up lashes. Yay!!!

So, there you have it some interesting tricks and tips that you will want to try them out. Let me know which tips you think will work on you in the comment section below. I love to hear your comment.

Thanks for the love and for reading.

Sharon xoxo



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