Mac Sheertone Blush – Review!


Hey gorgeous!

Okay, I wasn’t really planning to get a blush since I still have some of my favorite coral shade blushes. But the rave on this blush made me more curious and I gotta have it.

So, I got this through a friend and since I know exactly what I really wanted. It’s easy for her to pick up one for me at Mac store since she’s getting hers as well..

packaging mac blush springsheen blush

I was head over toes when I got it and totally love it. The packaging is of Mac traditional packaging which I’m fine with it. A black round plastic packaging. As far as the packaging goes, IMO it’s nothing to shout about. But true enough to never judge a book by its cover.

color pot closed up mac blush

This Sheertone Blush by Mac in Spring Sheen with net wt: 0.21 oz. Selling for $21.00. I paid $26.00 It has sheer finish with a hint of pinky-coral with warm undertone. It’s available in 70 beautiful shades for all skin tones. I’m sure you’ll be able to find your perfect match blush from all these array of shades.

color swatch fingers color swatch mac blush

It has excellent pigmentation and the color payoff is amazing. I did color swatches and blend on cheeks and it blends so beautifully. Oh my gosh!This is one awesome powder blush that really blew me away. The texture is soft and smooth when applied.

pretty matte blush
It has excellent color coverage that was buildable. Up close from the pot, you can see the micro-shimmer but it’s more forgiving than the average blush with this much of shimmer but I didn’t notice it from the photo shot.

And if you are sill thinking or contemplating whether to get this Sheertone blush, I suggest you go and grab it or pick one now.

So, that’s my take on Mac powder blush which I highly recommend you check them out. Go check them out at Mac stores or online. You gotta try this!

What do you think of this Mac Sheertone Blush? Which shade will you or did you picked?

Thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo


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