e.l.f DIVA HD Blush



Hey friends!

Many moons ago I did a beauty haul on this lovely HD Blush by elf in Diva and somehow it was pushed down by other makeup products for reviews. So finally, I pulled it out from my drawer and do a review on what I think about this product.

I picked this from Target for CN$8.00. It’s available in five fancy shades from hot pink to plum shades.What a remarkable liquid blush for such a great value and quality. So, here we go ….

elf studio HD Blush

Let me tell you that this HD blush is so pigmented and all you need is just three tiny dots from the pump applicator and you can basically look amazing. Another trick is to start by pressing a small dot or a soft squeeze on your hand and then blend them evenly before applying them on your cheekbones. You see, I have to reiterate again how pigmented this formula is for a little goes a long way. As for me, this bottle is going to last me forever.

hd swatch  elf hd blush

The Diva shade which I picked up was a hot pink and the color was amazingly vibrant and bright. I love the creamy texture and it’s so soft. I’m very impressed with this elf HD blush, frankly speaking. Didn’t expect it works so well. It wears all day and the shade is amaazzzing …

I’ll definitely go out to get more of this lovely HD blush such as Superstar and Encore after this review. I would obviously recommend to anyone who love liquid blush and once you’re in you will be hooked with its incredible durability and

For that price, who can resist? I’m in. How about you? Which color would you pick? Please leave comment below. I love to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Sharon xoxo




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