DuWop Bag- Drugstore Makeup!

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Hey lovelies!

Have you heard of DuWop beauty products, lovelies? This is a drugstore products which I found out just recently. I’m surprised with my new find and thrilled to see how it fairs.This bag was retailed for $40.00 which was on a pretty steep side for a drugstore brand in my opinion. But lucky for me, I got them with my drugstore points savings and it costs a little cheaper.  Anyways, I’m just going to find out why it costs so much from the beginning.

pu makeup bag eyeliner, eyeshadow

DuWop bag comes in a soft PU leather material. A very nice icon of DuWop imprinted on the material. Inside the bag are an eyecatcher pencil and a Crush eyeshadow pot. The packaging of each product looks simple but elegant much of a high-end brand to me.

eyeliner pencil eye liner pencil

DuWop Eyecatcher pencil in the Blackest velvety black for all eyes color.Net wt: 3.0g selling for $18.50.

It comes in four different shades for blue, green and brown eyes. The one I picked up is the blackest velvety black. This formula is completely smudge free and is water resistant. I’ve tried it and love how easy it go as I draw it on my waterline. Perfect for normal liner look and for winged eye design.

DuWop eyeshadow eyeshadow

Crush in Velvet shades. Selling for $24.00 with net wt: 7.6g 

This is a lovely shade of trio metallic talc-free shadow that makes my heart skip a beat. The formula is dense enough to use it as a liner. It compliment any skin tone beautifully. What I love about this shadow is the rich pigment and intense payoff. It’s creamy and glide effortlessly upon application.

color swatches DuWop  Color swatches of Red/Green/Brown 

This is my first love with DuWop product and I know for sure that I will definitely check out more when I’m at a drugstore or their online store. They ship to the States and Canada.

What do you think of this DuWop makeup product? Please comment below.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Sharon xoxo










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