Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

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Hey beauties,

Guess what I got for this week? I just got this foundation primer by Laura Mercier in my mail box. I ordered it online and excited to share my thoughts and opinion on this primer. I remembered talking about it in my previous post on the Top 5 foundation mistakes we make and I just wanted to highlight this product since it is important in my opinion.

laura mercier

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in a plastic tube packaging with a net wt: 1.70 fl oz.

“It claims that this primer creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare skin. It meant to be used prior to foundation. Your foundation will stay fresh all day”. I’m extra curious and out to testing it.

The cream gel is not totally transparent like in ELF face primer. It looks whitish and light as a primer should. It’s so smooth and soft on skin. The cream is cooling and it blends so well. It claims to contain water-based formula. When I applied it on skin, I can smell the soft scents of Laura Mercier’s primer.It smells wonderful!

laura mercier tube ingredients

Available at Laura Mercier website, Nordstrom, Sephora and Amazon online.

Verdict: I really enjoy this soft primer on my skin and it leaves my foundation last longer. I recommend that you get a good foundation primer before applying foundation to have a more long lasting makeup. It helps hold the foundation and makes face looking beautiful.

Have you tried any primer and if yes, which brand did you use? Leave comment below. Love to hear from you.

As usual, thanks so much for reading.

Sharon xoxo




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