3 Kitchen Pantry Beauty Tips

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Hey guys!

Yes, organic beauty products may be pricey but why not try something you can find in your kitchen pantry? So, today, I would love to talk about organic beauty products which you can find whipped up at home using basic items from your kitchen.

An all natural beauty remedies such as these:-

a) Tea Bags – Did you get puffy eyes after n09ht and night of partying? Well, I have this wonderful remedy that can help you say bye-bye to puffy eyes. Take 2 tea bags, it can be any kind of tea you like to drink. Brew it in a boiling water and then take out the the bags from the mug and let it sit to cool down. Then leave these 2 tea bags under your lids. Leave it for 15 minutes. Natural caffeine helps shrink blood vessels and diminish puffiness. If you want better effect, leave the tea bags in the fridge for a few minutes and then since cold can reduce swelling.

tea bags

b) Coffee – Oh coffeeeee!!!! I can’t function without drinking a cup of coffee for sure. So, if love coffee and brew a fresh ground pot that would be even better. Don’t toss your ground coffee but keep them to exfoliate your skin. So, the ingredient is 3 tbsp of grounds and 1bsp of salt (optional). Mix them well and massage it all over your body while you are in the shower. Research said that granule coffee can remover dead-skin and contains Vitamin E and antioxidant.

ground coffee photo by shuttersock

c) Coconut Milk – Okay, some of you might not have coconut milk in your pantry yet but it’s worth rushing to grab a can after reading this 🙂 I’m personally not really a hair person but I got this tip and dying to share. Coconut milk is very effective in hydrating dull and dry hair. The trick is to mix half can of the coconut milk and a mashed up medium size avocado. Blend and apply on your dry hair for 20 minutes before rinsing them out.

coconut milk

So, there you have it. 3 kitchen beauty ingredients you can make good use of.

Have you tried any of the above methods before? Love to hear your comments.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon coco




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