Perfect Nude Flawless Concealer – Review

Hey Lovelies!

I’ve tried and wear this flawless concealer by Too Faced for my dark circled under my eyes and I just want to say how wonderful it is and the scents of this concealer is simply amazing!

too faced color shades

It comes in a lovely light pink box packaging. Too Faced always has cute packaging which I like. I can’t help but to get two of these awesome shades of Perfect Nude and Honey. With net wt: 0.27 fl oz for $20.00 a tube.

too faced concealer too faced

This black plastic has a transparent window for shades recognition which I think is brilliant. It has three shades from Perfect Nude (medium), Vanilla (light) to Honey (tan) as a choice. I got a medium and tan to try them on.

wihtout too faced with concealer 1

Left:Before concealer application /Right: After concealer

concealer honey concealing with hand

I only put the concealer on areas that I need coverage. Usually under my eyes, beside my nose and around my lips. For this review, I’m using my fingers to blend the formula. The formula looks a little bit on a thicker side but it blends very easily. It’s not cakey or heavy at all. Love the consistency of this formula.The best part is that I’m able to cover a huge area under my eyes and other areas that needs some coverage. It has lovely pigmentation that allows this formula to covers from sheer to full coverage.  So, a little goes a long way and this formula lasted the whole day when I wore it. My skin feels soft with the concealer on.

color swatch color swatch pic1

Color swatch of Perfect Nude and Honey.

The Perfect nude (medium tone) has a more yellowish undertone while the honey shade seems a little peachy tone. Both shades looked splendid.

Well, concealer is always a hit or miss for me and I’m going to say that after trying them out. It’s a hit for me. Yay, I love it!!! I’m going to be so obsessed with this concealer now and will definitely repurchase once I ran out both. I used concealer quite a bit since I need to hide my dark circles under my eyes. So, this is really a miracle sent by Too Faced. Would I recommend this to a friend, I will tell her this “why hold back when you too can get a beautiful coverage for a flawless looking skin?”.

I have to admit that the price is a little pricey for a concealer of that size but bear in mind that quality supercede the price tag in my case. I’ve been searching for a good quality concealer and I finally found one that really works on me.

What do you think of these? Would you try them? Let me know on the comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Sharon xoxo





  1. Yay, I’m happy to hear that this one’s a hit for you 🙂

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  2. ingrid says:

    My next purchase 🙂

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