7 Basic Beauty Guidelines You Must Know


Hey guys!

I’m back again with some of the basic tips which I have gathered and experienced over time and taught what better time than now to share it with you guys. I bet many of you might have encounter or aware of these beauty guides, but I’m just going to talk about it here in my post since I find it relevant to us on a daily basis.

1. Expensive doesn’t always means better!

There are good and bad products in all price categories and there are some amazing inexpensive products you should really consider before going for the expensive stuff. Just like the idiom, a coin has two sides.

two side coin

2. Remember to check foundations, concealer and powder colors in natural light

Drugstore or retail store outlets lighting is deceiving, what seems perfect under artificial light can look disastrous in broad daylight.  Ideally, try to pick by bringing the product nearer to the window where there are natural lights. Oh yes! do a color swatch on your jawline closer to the ears than on the hand since the color on the face and hand doesn’t always match.

natural light

3. Be extra caution with shiny blush or eyeshadow

Okay, fine some of us love shiny makeup but let’s keep in down for evening or special occasion. It is recommended that a blush with a matte finish or a hint of sheen works best for daytime makeup.


4. Never to test mascara or eyeliner in the store

Many of us are tempted to try on the testers provided at a makeup counter and a note of precaution. Try to avoid using the tester since you never know how many people have double-dipped or how old the testers are. We don’t know how contaminated they may be. I know it’s a pain, but for the health of our eyes and due to hygienic purposes it’s best to purchase these products and test them at home.


5. Sanitize lipstick with alcohol based spray before testing

If you are like me, wanting to test almost all the colors on the testers then one advise is to ask the salesperson to either shave off the top portion of the lipstick with a disposable spatula before testing them. Cannot spray and cannot shave, then wipe off several layers of lipstick with a clean tissue. I usually test them on my hand instead of on my lips and same goes for the lip gloss. I don’t want to get any gems and neither do I want to give my gems to the other person.

sanitizer spray

6. Saw a cosmetic artist whose makeup you admire? Ask them for application tips! 

Especially if their skin tone is similar to yours. It would be much easier for you to pick up great tips and begin to feel more confident about choosing the best colors for you. You’ll be surprised to see how helpful some are.

application tips

7. Don’t be afraid to return a makeup product, even if you have used it. 

Almost all drugstores and mass market stores like Walmart will provide complete refund on makeup purchases if you have the receipts even if the product has been used. Target store no longer issue refunds once items has been opened or used.


These are some recommended or suggested guidelines only and you are free to choose whichever tip you like. Hope this helps.

Do you have tips that you like to share? I love to hear your comments.

Thank you for reading.

Sharon xoxo





7 comments on “7 Basic Beauty Guidelines You Must Know”

  1. Great tips! I used to be scared to return products I’d tested and that fear held me back from trying so many amazing products! Nordstrom is also a great place to shop for high end, they are great with returns.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Boooooooo. No Nordstrom is a bit different they have clothes and stuff too. But Sephora is a great one too! Never had a problem with a return there.


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